Tell Us Where to Go!

US road map

Not much on the agenda…and we like it that way!

Okay, so that title is a LITTLE funny, isn’t it? 🙂

We have lots of books that showcase ‘places to see before we die’ (ahem), spectacular drives, fun stuff on Route 66, etc. But I think the best kinds of places are those that have been experienced first-hand by people you know.

Was that trading post on the way to the Grand Canyon extra special? Do you love a restaurant in Santa Fe–so much so that you HAVE to go there every time you visit? Is Carhenge all it’s cracked up to be? Let us know YOUR ‘must sees.’ Perhaps we’ll stumble over to it just to get a kitschy picture next to it (posted on this blog with a shout out to you).

Tell us what (and where) you love to visit. We love unusual, beautiful, uncrowded and just plain fun.

And just for you Bob Becker, I have removed the comment restrictions. No more pledging of your firstborn child to leave a comment here!

9 thoughts on “Tell Us Where to Go!

  1. OK, here’s a short list of some of my favorite mostly less-than-mainstream places from my series of roadtrips over the years…

    – Carlsbad Caverns (you gotta see the bats!)
    – Roswell (way cheesier than I thought, kinda fun)
    – Santa Fe: Tia Sophia’s, especially for breakfast. We also have fun at La Casa Sena. The waiters sing show tunes like Max’s Opera Cafe used to. Food is OK, drinks are kinda pricey, and if you’re not into people singing showtunes, you’ll hate it :-). But, I nearly always stop by once when I travel through.
    – Taos: spent a lot of time in Taos, but the eateries have all changed since I was last there. Go Northwest of town on Hwy 63. Then, walk across the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge. You’re welcome. Then, drive a little further on Hwy 63, and checkout the Earthships.
    – Acoma: If you only visit one Pueblo, this is the one (
    – Bandelier National Monument: Climb the ladders.

    – Bisbee (amazing little artsy town). Take the Queen Mine tour. Buy some local turquoise. Bisbee Blue is one of the distinct forms of America turquoise.
    – Tombstone (not as cheesy as I thought). If the Vulture Mine is still open to visit, it’s fun.
    – Sedona – Beautiful despite the tourist trappiness.
    – Jackrabbit Trading Post. Because it’s there:

    – The Wyoming Dinosaur Center: – It’s got Dinosaur skeletons, active digs AND it’s in the town of Thermopolis. Yes, Thermopolis.

    – Ocean Springs: The Shed BBQ. It’s worth the trip, if you’re heading near NOLA anyway. Or if you’re not. Seriously awesome BBQ.

    Depending on where you trip takes you, this stuff may be too far north, but I loved these little gems…

    – EBR-1: The first nuclear power generated in the US was here in 1951
    – Craters of the Moon, National Monument:

    – National Bison Range.
    – Miracle of America Museum: So. Much. Cool. Stuff.

    • Thanks for the great recommendations, Ken! We really don’t know where we’re going to end up. Wherever the wind takes us. Sedona and Santa Fe are on the list.

      Um, is the Jack Rabbit Trading Post a Sydnee ‘just because’??? LOL! 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, and if you’re heading down near Amarillo, where you will be visiting the Big Texan (even if you just walk around), get a couple cans of spray paint beforehand, visit the Cadillac Ranch and make some art!

  3. While in the Catskills a couple nice places to go are : The CIA West Point and the motorcycle shop that’s on TV. Their down around Newburgh Joe

  4. In Santa Fe, best noodles entrees in a hole in the wall restaurant called MuDu Noodles: at 1494 Cerillos Rd. For a really nice dinner, get reservations at:Dinner for Two 106 Guadeloupe Stop by the Governor’s Palace (weekend -Sunday?) for handcrafted real Indian jewelry, pottery etc, We stayed at the El Rey Inn at 1862 Cerillos. Very clean & comfortable with pools, breakfast.

      • Hi Margaret – the posts did work – takes some time, I guess. How do I attach our name? I don’t want to be anonymous all my life! I didn’t see a box to enter name. DO I have to register somewhere?
        Yes – homemade noodles in Santa Fe – was recommended by a chef friend who we visited in Santa Fe..

  5. Just remembered a nice Santa Fe Japanese restaurant for sushi. Shohko Cafe on Johnson St.

    In Taos, on the way to the Gorge bridge, stop at Millicent Rogers museum to see pre-columbian anasazi pottery, Maria Martinez black pottery, paintings by Georgia O’Keefe.

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