Ohio River Scenic Byway

Day 8 (May 6)
Start: Burlington, KY
End: Corydon, IN
Miles Driven Today: 159
Total Miles: 1,265

Today was a light travel day. I woke up with a raging head cold. It’s not conducive to making decisions or navigating in uncharted territory. Regardless, we did have a lovely, scenic travel day.

We started out taking the Anderson Ferry across the Ohio River. In operation since 1871, the Anderson Ferry operates 364 days a year, taking commuters across the river–and states–from Hebron, KY to Cincinnati, OH. I had never been across it, so we thought we’d give it a try. We drove down a windy junglescape of trees and foliage and arrived at a little landing where five cars were already waiting in line for the ferry. A few minutes later, we were on board and under way. Our fare was a whopping $5, and the ferryman noted our ‘killer’ animals on board. The water was murky, most likely due to the storms that had just passed the night before. But the ride was surprisingly smooth.

Anderson Ferry Cincinnati

Boarding the Anderson Ferry

Ohio River

Ferrying across the Ohio River

What was really cool, aside from the ride, was our location on the GPS as we were crossing. šŸ™‚

Crossing the Ohio River

GPS view of our trip across the Ohio River

Once across, we immediately hit Route 50, the Ohio River Scenic Byway. This drive goes across a number of routes–Route 50 in Ohio, Route 56, 156, and Route 62 in Indiana. We drove through the Ohio and Indiana countryside, wheeling through small towns like Patriot and Florence and finally stopping in Corydon, Indiana. We chose Corydon due to its proximity to the Marengo Caves in Marengo, In. We’ll visit in the morning and then head over to the Hoosier National Forest. We might head over to French Lick, IN (home of Larry Bird)…but that’s a decision we’ll make tomorrow. That’s how we roll!

Indiana State Line

Indiana State Line


Tom suggested that I stop and say hello to the Amazon.com people, since I’m such a good customer!


Chillaxin’ after a long day

4 thoughts on “Ohio River Scenic Byway

  1. Perhaps a shot of Jack would help that head cold , Tom make sure it is a proper batch first before Margaret takes a sip.

  2. Stop at the next Indian Reservation and get Tom a larger belt! Or change your theme title to Gain in America! šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Kids! Really enjoying the trip report, even though I am reading it backwards! Short note on those Amazon Fulfillment Centers: I have read that they are modern-day sweat-shops, where computer guided equipment and mapping tell the “pickers” that they have exactly 47 seconds to find this product and put in on the box line. A lot of people are forced to run, because a few seconds of which-way-did-they go can detract from your overall time. From picking crops to picking tops – they are both time-intensive manual labor.

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