More from the driver and sherpa

As Mahgrit said in her post, it was a great day. We have been fortunate with the weather. Somehow we have missed the torrential rains and had nice sunny days (well mostly) . We have been caught in some rain but almost always after we stopped for the day. Last night there was a heavy thunder and lightning storm. The girls got really restless and needed calming.

Today was great but not for the dozens of turtles and armidillos that couldn’t get across the road fast enough. Even though we are using secondary roads the speed limits are 55 to 60. This was a little disconcerting at first but I got used to it. However, the big semis only consider the speed limit to be a suggestion. There was a portion of the drive that had a lot of truck traffic. I pulled over a lot and let them blow by me.

The farm that has the conveyor system (in Mahgrit’s pictures) went as far as the eye could see. It must be a corporate farm but, I could not find any name.

This was the first time I have crossed the Mississippi on the ground and not in a plane.

Tomorrow we should hit our first section of Rte. 66 and start that part of the adventure.

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