I’m baaack!

Felt a little under the weather yesterday since Mahgrit gave me her cold So I didn’t post anything. But, today I feel a little better so here goes.

We had a fabulous drive yesterday through the Mark Twain National Forest. Mahgrit, the navigator kept finding these small roads to drive on. At one point we went almost three  hours without seeing another vehicle. I am getting to dislike civilization. Funny thing, the asphalt here has a purple tint and the concrete roads had a red tint. What’s up with that? We crossed some of the waterways 5 and 6 times on the back roads. This drive would be fabulous on a motorcycle. In fact there is enough area to travel that you could spend about 4 days cruising through the mountains.

We went by the Chrisco Cemetary and I told Mahgrit  that this was the place where they buried all the ” lard asses” . She tried really, really, REALLY hard not to laugh but, … She failed. 🙂

We stayed at the Wagon Wheel Motel last night. It is the first stop on the Rte. 66 portion of the trip. It was small but quaint. I had a Missouri slider for breakfast this morning. It is a Misourri take on a loco moco. It was biscuits and graveyard topped by hash browns, topped by chili, topped by a hamburger, topped by two eggs over easy. I managed to get through about half of it, but not for want of trying.

We are currently at our second Drury Hotel. These are really nice places. I took a jacuzzi and ran into a guy and his wife from Hampshire U.K. Interesting since we are from New Hampshire. Also, interesting, was that he and I were relaxing in the spa while our wives were meeting each other in the laundry room. How’s that for karma? They started from Chicago on the 29th where we started from N.H. On the 29 th. we met them later at dinner and had an enjoyable evening?

Tomorrow it is off to Kansas and Okalahoma.

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