Short miles, long day

Today was an unusual day. We only drove for 82 miles today but, we had a ball. I will leave the details of our day to Mahgrit’s post (she does a better job of it anyway).

Some points of my own though: we saw and did more today than any other day. The stop at the old gas station brought back thoughts of my Dad. He would have loved to see the pictures and hear the stories from Gary Turner, the guy who completely rebuilt the old run down station on his own. All of the antique gas pumps (they were hand pumps at the time) were restored to pristine condition. We spent over an hour listening to Gary and his wife’s stories. They also gave us numerous tips on places to go and things to see.

This damned cold is really starting to bug me. Hopefully a good nights rest will settle it out.

Overnighting in Joplin Mo. tonight. Tomorrow is on through Kansas and into Oklahoma.

On another note, there have been road signs along the roadside in a few places such as”repent and you will … Or the way to heaven is …” I kept waiting to see at the end “Burma Shave” but I never saw it. 😉

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