Wow, 14 days in and still having fun

Tomorrow starts week 3 of our adventure. We are having a ball. Another short driving day with a lot of interesting stops. Again, Mahgrit’s post with the pictures will give the details. Today we went from Joplin, Mo. Through Kansas to Tulsa, Ok. Tomorrow we should hit Oklahoma City, maybe.

as we went through Kansas, the home state of our friend Mark U. We threw out pieces of paper with his name and email address on them that way every fine he gets for littering will show him people from Kansas are thinking of him.

Saw some awesome antique Packards today, more beautiful countryside band met more really friendly people.

We have been really lucky with the weather. So far we have skirted all the big storms. There has been some very heavy rain but always after we put in for the night.

Looking forward to a really good steak in Oklahoma City tomorrow night.

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