Movin’ on down the road

Slow cruise down the road from Elk City Oklahoma to Amerillo Texas. Only 145 miles but almost all of it on old Rte 66 concrete roads. Meandered through small towns with remnants of old gas stations and abandoned motels. Most of the old signs were still in place and a few we’re refurbished to the original.

Stopped at the Devils Rope Museum. Saw more barbed wire and the history of barbed wire. Also, there was the history of the ranchers who started the cattle industry in the area. The one guy , Glidden, managed to win the patent for two strand barbed wire and made millions. He bought a 250,000 acre ranch in McClean and then completely enclosed it with 120 miles of barbed wire at a cost of $40,000. This is in 1898 dollars. As I said yesterday who would think barbed wire could be interesting.

An interesting note is that when we passed into Texas the landscape changed. It was subtle at first more drastic as we moved on. The Texas panhandle is not as pretty as Oklahoma. It is flatter and drier. The lush green grasses of Oklahoma changed to dry scraggly scrub in Texas. The roads are flatter and straighter. At one point, the road ran arrow straight and the speed limit was 70 MPH.

Had dinner at the Big Texan in Amerillo. I had a 12oz. filet which was fork tender. On Yelp the criticisms were ” it was touristy” we’ll duh!! It is a tourist stop with a motel and gift shop well duh!!  But the steaks were fabulous. They also have their own brewery and the beers are excellent also.

Tomorrow, on to New Mexico.

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