Old Town and Sandia Peak

We spent the day today in Old Town Alburquerque .

It was a hot day and the girls attracted all the attention as usual. We had them in the doggie stroller and all of the shops let us take them in.

Old Town is a good shopping area. It has a Lot of good galleries and shops. It is laid out in little alley ways. You go into an alleyway and there are three or four shops in the alley. The products are all pretty good quality and not junk.

I bought a really cool piece of Navajo pottery and Mahgrit found a couple of nice pieces of jewelry.

We went to dinner at the restaurant at the top of Sandia Peak. To get there we had to take a tram up the mountain. The tram rises about 3300 feet in elevation and is about 2.5 miles long. We ha d a ice meal and got to see a really sensational sunset from the top of the mountain.

Tomorrow, off to the Acoma pueblo.

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