Sky City

Today we kenneled the girls and went to the pueblo at Acoma (pronounced – Acama, I am constantly told not, A coma ;-). ). The actual pueblo is called Sky City. It is at the very top of a large Mesa. (See Mahgrit’s post for pictures.) The only way to visit this site is via a guided tour. Our tourguide was a young lady named Sparkle (her actual name in her native language is too much for me.) She explained all of the structures and gave a very good history lesson.

Talk about ” off the grid” Sky City has no water, no sewer, no electric, no utilities what so ever. All needs must be taken up. In the past everything had to be carried up by hand on steps cut into the walls; Mostly by the women on their heads. A road has been built so manually carrying things up the steps is no longer necessary. There are a few dozen people who live in Sky City permanently while some have homes there but live down in the valley. Our tourguide was one of these people. She showed us her house on the Mesa top and explained that she lived down in the valley. She owned the house because it is a matriarchal society and all property is passed down to the youngest daughter.

All in all a fantastic visit.

The drive into and back from Sky City was … ready for it … AWESOME! It is very interesting scenery. (Again see Mahgrit’s post for pictures). I seem to believe reading that all this land was under an ocean a million years ago or so. The rock outcroppings are all unique and interesting.

We also got to see an exibition of Zuni tribal dancing and saw some fabulous crafts in jewelry and pottery.

For dinner tonight we went to County Line Barbeque. We first found this restaurant in Austin Tx. We were excited to find one here in Alburquerque . I am sure Mahgrit will publish a picture/ pictures of this dining experience.

Tomorrow, the petroglyphs.

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