Can you see yon canyon or what a gorgeous gorge

Sorry, I lost my head. I just didn’t want to say awesome again.

Mahgrit’s post once again says it all. The pictures she posted are only some that we took. We met some nice people which is not surprising but, what is surprising is we met some people from Burlington Vermont.

The Grand Canyon is one of the places I have always wanted to see. It did not disappoint. It is soooo huge. Pictures do not/cannot do it justice. Everyone needs to put this on their bucket list.

The girls are really doing well. They seem to like the stroller and are having less and less problems with all of the people who want to pet them. Today we took them out for awhile because the trail we were on was very quiet. They walked along side each other for a long way. However, on the ride back to the hotel they both were comatose.

So, who’da thunk that we would be eating Hawaiian plate lunches in Flagstaff? It wasn’t as good as we have had in Mauai but the last time I had Loco Moco was about 5 years ago.

The weather has been working with us all the way. We were told that it would be really hot at the canyon but, it was very cool. This enhanced the experience. Also, since we hunkered down for the Memorial Day Weekend we missed the huge crowds that were there over the weekend.

Tomorrow we begin our turn north to Zion and Brice canyons.

When you come visit be sure to ask to see the thousands (really) of pictures we have taken of this trip. We currently have over 1600. 😉

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