Today , the road less windy

Today’s drive was a continuation along the Blue Ridge Pkwy. It was a great drive and the road was less windy. There were still lots of curves but less switchbacks and corkscrews. The one thing that was very interesting was all the rhododendrons along the road. We missed peak bloom time but there were still lots of flowers. There were a few places where the road was bordered on both sides for hundreds of yards with huge rhododendron bushes. There were waterfalls along the way but they were not gushing down the mountainside, only trickling. They start to gush after heavy rains and we have not ad any here ….yet.

Tomorrow is another 150 or so miles on the parkway up to Roanoke Va.

One thought on “Today , the road less windy

  1. Sounds like the journey is winding down. What is your ETA to Amherst ? What to make sure the parade is ready.

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