Another beautiful day on the road

We keep getting great weather. It hit the 90s today. Not a cloud in the brilliasky azure blue sky.

Started the day as a ” mahgrit” day. Hit a couple of fabric shops so Mahgrit could get Rte.66 fabric for a new quilt.

Then we tried to get out of Tulsa. Every direction we tried was clogged by road work. In weaving our way out of time we drove through some sensational sections of Tulsa. Sometimes when you get lemons you accidentally wind up with lemonade.

Its kind of funny running into the same people at different spots. Some people we were ahead of are now ahead of us.we wander, we ramble we see all kinds of great things.

We got to Oklahoma City today but, can’t quite figure where we will get to tomorrow. We made two hotel reservations just in case. We will figure it out around 3 tomorrow. We may still be in Ok. or we may slip inti Texas, we’ll see. There are are so many interesting and strange things to see.

We are also speculating that we may be another week longer. Who knows?

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