Oooooklahoma where the wind comes whipping down the trail

Whew, long subject line 😉 . But, wow does the wind blow here. It has been hot (89 – 90) but the wind made it bearable when we were outside.

We  only did a little over a hundred miles today but we saw a lot. We meandered back and forth along Rte. 66 and didn’t get on the highway at all. Visited a few trading posts and ended up in Elk City for the night. There is a really good Rte. 66 museum here in Elk City. We parked the dogs at the motel and spent the afternoon at the museum.

We found a great little place for dinner Praire Fire and had a really great salmon salad.

We will be in Amerillo Texas tomorrow and Tucumcarie New Mexico on Thursday. With a little luck an not too much dawdling, we will be in Santa Fe on Friday. We are thinking of spending a few days here.

Still having good weather and meeting friendly people. Everyone wants to chat and seems to have the time.

At the museum in Elk City, there was a farm equipment section. Oddly enough, I found the barbed wire collection interesting. I didn’t know there were so many different manufacturers and types of wire. Weird huh?

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