A day not behind the wheel!

I was going to start off that this was a down day but, that really wasn’t the case.
We got a dog sitter for the girls so we could go to the museums and galleries here in Santa Fe. We spent almost 7 hours wandering the streets of Santa Fe. This is a fabulous city.
We started with breakfast at Tia Sophia’s. I had a chorizo burrito with green chile sauce, yum!
Even though we spent the whole day we did not cover all the galleries and shops, there were booths set around town for other artists to show/ sell their work. This place is crazy with artists. Unlike some of the stuff we have seen up to now with ” made in China” stamped on the bottom, all the art work and jewelry here is made right here. I saw some wood turned vases with crushed turquoise worked into the cracks. It was so beautiful I wanted to give up my poor attempts at turning. However, I have resolved to get better after I get back.
Mahgrit has been sorely tempted by all the beautiful jewelry but is holding steady. But, we still have a long way to go.
I can see Mahgrit and I coming back here for an extended vacation in the future.

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