Santa Fe spa day for Mahgrit

So today we are still in Santa Fe. Got up early and walked over to Canyon Rd. , this is a section of Santa Fe that is all galleries. Most of these galleries are very high end with a lot of full sized and larger than life sculptures. See Mahgrit’s pst for some pictures. It was early and a Sunday morning so most of the galleries weren’t open yet so all we did was window shop. That is the most cost efficient way to go to the galleries ;-).

We had to get back because we were meeting some old friends who moved here from Ca. I last saw Hans and Marge 23 years ago at their wedding. They looked great and really love living in Santa Fe. We had a delicious brunch at Tia Sofia’s and caught up on old times. Hans and Marge have travelled extensively through out this area and gave us some tips on other places to go. Marge is a painter and sill smith. She was wearing some of her jewelry and in Mahgrit’s opinion she should be selling it because it is such good work.

Hans and Marge had to get back to work ( they work in the tourist industry and never have time for themselves). So we went back to the hotel for Mahgrit’s big spa day. I went back to the room and sat with the girls and a few hours later Mahgrit returned with an enormous grin from ear to ear.

Mahgrit had a jones for sopapitas so we went out for them in the evening. When Mahgrit went to pour the honey on her sopapita the top came off and it was covered with honey, oh darn ;-).

We are now back in the room trying to plan some of the rest of the trip.

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