Last day in Taos

For our last day in Taos we took a drive up to the Taos Ski Valley. We went from 7,000 foot elevation up to 9,200 foot elevation. The temperature dropped about 9 degrees. Ok, here it goes, the drive was awesome. I know, every trip we take I say the scenery is awesome but, it is. There were some really cool ski cabins/chateaus on the way up. At the top, there were fancy condos and resorts. Actually, we didn’t go all the way to the top. It is 13,000 feet but you need to take the lift there. This is off season and no lifts were running.

On the way up we went through a small town, Arroyo Seco. We stopped there on the way down. An off the track little place but really cool. Mahgrit picked up some jewelry at one of the shops. We sat and had an ice cream. Everywhere we go, people are enchanted by Jasmine and Juliet. So where is all the doxy art? We think there is a market opportunity here.

After that we spent the rest of the afternoon in old town Taos. There are a lot of great shops and galleries. Mahgrit found an art supply store and is doing some painting tonight.

Dinner tonight was Mexican, a small family place, the food was delicious. The chile sauce had a smoky flavor. It was spicy but not overly so. It was some of the best Mexican food we have had since we left Ca.

Tomorrow we head for Albuquerque. We are going to go the back way on the Turquoise Rd. on the way we are going to stop at Bandolier National Park and what ever else we may run across.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we also crossed the Rio Grande. We walked across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Mahgrit doesn’t like heights and found it scary. She took some cool pictures. I helped her by holding the back of her belt. This gave her a feeling of stability. She took a couple of panoramic shots. We are going to have a cool photo album when this is done. Don’t worry, we won’t subject you to a photo night. 😉

We are going to a lifetime of great memories from this trip.

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