Bryce Canyon

Had too much trouble with the network here so I didn’t post.

Iiiimmmm back.

As you already know, from Mahgrit’s post, we had a great drive yesterday, finding spots we never knew existed. The little turn off through the Dixie National Forest was a beautiful and relaxing drive. Ya, relaxing, like we are so stressed out. 😉

The landscape here in Utah once again is different. Not more or less beautiful but just different. It is obvious there is more water available here. Green valleys and cattle farms are more prevalent here.

Bryce Canyon is a sight almost beyond description. Multicolored monuments to nature cut and shaped by water. Just like the Grand Canyon and Zion, Bryce needs to be seen to be appreciated.

The pictures on Mahgrit’s postattempt to reflect what we have seen. And, what have we seen; an elk ranch, a bison ranch, mule deer, prong horn deer, a mountain goat, all close up and personal.

Today at Bryce, we climbed up to 9,300 feet ( well really drove most of the way and walked up the last few hundred. No, really we did some serious up hill walking. At this altitude it was kind of walk three steps, puff, walk three steps, pant, etc.

Tomorrow it is off to Escalante.

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