Wandering north towards Wyoming

Left Bryce this morning, heading towards Yellowstone. As per usual, we took the road less traveled, through Escalante. Once again the scenery was fantastic. It seems everywhere we go, we see nothing but fabulous ever changing scenery. None is really more beautiful than the other but it is just different.

We stopped to talk to the ranger as we went into Kodachrome State Park. He told us that the trip through Escalante would be great. He didn’t lie. As I said we took the back way and went right through the middle of Escalante National Monument. We were up and down constantly from about 5,000 feet to a high of 9,900 feet in elevation. All the while driving through fantastic colors on the mesas. We went across the summit of one Mesa on a two lane road with no shoulder and a sheer drop on both sides of the road. Mahgrit had a problem with this section of the drive. She could not look out the window and had to look at the floor. Also, as we were going up and down the mountains, the temperature changed up and down by about 30 degrees, cold up on the Mesa and hot down in the valley.

The valleys went from scrub brush to lush, grassy green the further north we went. We began to see larger and larger herds of cattle on the pastures until we came across one pasture where we could not count the cattle because there were so many.

Tomorrow is a push day. We will be doing some heavy driving because we want to get to Yellowstone before the weekend craziness.

2 thoughts on “Wandering north towards Wyoming

  1. Cody Wyoming, great place to visit and the Buffalow Bill museum.
    Watch out for the Antelope they are all over the place and litterly fly accrose the road.
    From Cody you can head north to Montania and up to the North West Rockies.

    Keep on trucking!

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